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These weekly Kind Words are send from the Universal Life Church Seminary. People have responded so well to receiving the weekly kind words and we are pleased to send them and receive such warm responses.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Universal Life Church

Thank you for inquiring about my course participation.  I have one pending for several weeks, now.  I sincerely want to complete it soon.  The sample courses and other emails you send are thoroughly enjoyed and educational.  They provide me an avenue of choice for future course selections.  Much appreciated.  My next course would be either a spirituality course or one that teaches about multiple religions.

Currently, I'm exploring a new path of spiritual assistance:  Chaplain of Pets.  This would be ground-breaking in my local area.  My application is being reviewed this week.  Should I start and succeed with providing spiritual services to pets and their owners, I will be happy to send a  picture and quote.  Meanwhile, I have ordained one person, and another one is interested in being ordained through ULC.  There may be a third person, also.  In God's name, I do what is right.


Ordination with the Universal Life Church, is free,  and lasts for life, so use the Free Online Ordination, button.We also offer many free spiritual sermons for your use.  We also offer some kind words, mailed weekly, to brighten your spirit.

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