Kind Words

These weekly Kind Words are send from the Universal Life Church Seminary. People have responded so well to receiving the weekly kind words and we are pleased to send them and receive such warm responses.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Universal Life Church

Dear Amy:
The Great Spirit, God, the flow of the earth,, must have known I needed your attention and words.
Its almost telepathic;   knowing I was bored some years ago in another profession, was one of the main reasons I'm doing what I am.
with sincere appreciation thank you so very much for taking time to speak to this tired confused soul seeking man. 
Your words well as your guidance.
Also I may not get the time to read through all your e-mails on the Seminary courses,  However I've been saving them for years in a special file just for those e-mails.
Thank you and your great Spirit for all the work you are doing,

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